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What Makes Us Different

Our Approach

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We are analysts of all things Real Estate. Serving others in the world of Real Estate is our full-time job. We study the market, the trends, and the economy, and when we say we educate our clients on all of the above, we mean it. By the time you are ready to list or sell your home, you will be so confident of your pricing or offer that we may as well get you a real estate license to come and work with us.

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Relationship and Referral Oriented

Your happiness and satisfaction with us are paramount to our success. We use our marketing expenses on you, not buying leads or sending mailers. Why waste your money when we can pay for professional photos, marketing flyers, personalized websites for your property, cover your home warranty, or help with requests for repair costs? Ultimately, the expenses we allocate to you will be paid forward with future business and a long-lasting relationship to help with anything you need.

Country Style Home

Local Knowledge

We live in a small world, and it gets smaller when you've lived and worked in the same area for 45+ years. Most BayBrook agents are native to this area and have seen it grow before their eyes. We know the little hidden gem neighborhoods, the undervalued, the overvalued, the homes with larger lots, or communities with lower HOAs. Coincidentally, it never hurts when you find your dream house, and we went to school with them, which ultimately got your offer accepted over seven others. (true story). Using someone with a history in this area has its benefits.

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